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Business Events in Wales is the authoritative listing for all business, networking and hospitality events in the Principality. It is a free service designed to promote better business relationships in Wales.

We hope that the site will help you plan your own events and avoid diary clashes, keep up-to-date with what is going on or assist in planning your own networking activities and choosing which events to attend.

Forthcoming Events
Introbiz Business Networking Event at Radisson Blu Hotel, Cardiff
Radisson Blu Cardiff
02 July 2015
Cardiff Financial Professionals
Fuel Bar
03 July 2015
Creating and Developing a culture of entrepreneurship - Comtek - Inside Welsh Industry Programme
Comtek Deeside
Askar Sheibani, MD
08 July 2015
Implementing Culture Change for Business Growth and Sustainability - MTIB - Inside Welsh Industry Programme
MTIB Merthyr Tydfil
Richard Welfoot, CEO
09 July 2015
Introbiz Business Networking Event at Maldron Hotel, Cardiff
Maldron Hotel Cardiff
09 July 2015
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